Tools come in many forms.  Some are food for thought, paths to a change in perspective.  Tools can be an outline.  Some tools have been developed using careful consideration to those who would use them and for the purpose they are intended.

The growing list of tools on this page are ones that I have been introduced to by experienced Organizers.

The tools of Civil Society include expertise, research and historical data, media devices, sign and poster making, duplicators, megaphones. 



 Publications NON PROFIT MANAGEMENT Publications
Group Process Basic Agreements Knowledge Base  
    Non Profit help Free management library
MEDIA  URL Links  Articles & Writers Idealist
Radio Zapatista      
Relatos Zapatistas       
     Internet networking Working Wikily
     Class Class Composition by Kolinko
      Social Capital 
      Public Space 
      Tyranny of Structurelessness 
      Neoliberal Social Capital
     Neoliberalism Neoliberal Economic Capital
      Regenerating Community
      From Clients to Citizens
      Social Capital 
     Autonomy Today Meaning of Autonomy Today by Beradi
      Zapatismo Urbano by John Holloway
     Autonomy Struggle for Autonomy by Gustavo Esteva
      Inrro to Collectivo Situaciones by Holdren
      The Meaning and Scope for Autonomy of the Struggle by Gustavo Esteva, Translated by Carlos Perez  
     Movements Meaning of Antisystemic Movements by Gustavo Esteva
     The University  Researching your campus
  Boxnet Race Reading Hurrican Katrina by Henry Giroux
Cognitive Mapping  CMAP   Letter from the Birgminham Jail, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Research
Data Management CiviCRM    WEB Dubois


Facilitation Stategies

  • Shared leadership / Facilitation
  • White board, butcher paper, report backs, go rounds, agendas
  • Listening
  • Exercises
    • Basic Agreements
    • Relations of Forces

Parallel Methodologies

I also need to acknowledge and thank the following resource people for continuing to guide me on this path.

Resource People

  • Manolo Callahan, Mitote Digital
  • James Braggs, Mitote Digital
  • Tyler Fister,  Relatos Zapatistas, Accion Zapatista de Humboldt
  • Jessica Diaz  Relatos Zapatistas
  • Joseph Orozco, KIDE Radio FM 91.3
  • Rhoby Cook, Klamath Trinity Conservation District
  • Margo McBane, Guerra and McBane
  • Susan Doniger, California State Parks
  • Suzanne Guerra, Guerra and McBane
  • Fernando Paz, PARA
  • Ray Thompson, Redwood Curtain Copwatch
  • Squiggy Elvira Hale, Chapter Three
  • Andy Alm, Outer Arcata
  • Verbena
  • Victor Espinosa
  • Other teachers; Marrianna Nava, Karen Green, Lois,

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